Student Testimonials

Why I Chose GSPIA

Stephen Coulthart received his PhD from GSPIA in 2015. During his time here, he worked on the “Understanding the Responsibility to Protect” project at the Ford Institute. He and two other students coded and analyzed transcriptions of diplomats’ dialog at the United Nations General Assembly and Security Council to examine how the norms of intervention in humanitarian crises have changed. This hands-on experience provided him with practical skills he would later utilize in furthering his career. 

The skills I have gained through my graduate studies at GSPIA have equipped me to accomplish my professional goals. Upon graduation, I plan to work in a local government setting as a municipality manager or work for the Federal government researching policy and legislation. More.

After working as a lawyer for eight years and then staying home with my children for another 10 years, I began wondering how I would re-launch my career as my youngest daughter entered kindergarten. More.

I plan to use my GSPIA degree to further my career in the international communications industry. Before coming to GSPIA, I worked as an internal communications analyst at the CEMEX global headquarters - a large, multinational building materials company based in Mexico. More.

I chose to pursue an advanced degree at GSPIA because of my desire to work at the C.I.A., State Department, or an international security think tank on the issue of nuclear proliferation and arms control. More.

I have always had an interest in working in the public sector. That's why I enrolled in the International Studies program at The Ohio State University and decided to further my coursework at GSPIA. More.

After graduating from Dickinson in spring 2009, I started my graduate work in Security and Intelligence Studies with a certificate in Russian and Eastern Europe Studies. During my time at GSPIA, I have had access to unique opportunities to focus my studies on topics of my choosing and to prepare myself to enter the job market with confidence and a sense of direction. More.

When I started thinking about graduate school, I wanted to find an internationally respected program that balanced political theory with practical skills, and provided a knowledgeable, accessible faculty. More.

I attended Penn State between 2002-06 and earned three bachelor's degrees in international studies, Spanish and journalism. I'm currently a second-year master's student at GSPIA, studying international development and NGOs and civil society. More.

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