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William N. Dunn

3421 Posvar Hall
Curriculum vitae


  • PhD, Government and International Relations, Claremont Graduate School and University Center, 1969
  • MA, Government, Claremont, 1966
  • BA, Political Science, University of California at Santa Barbara, 1964
  • French and African Studies, Peace Corps, University of Massachusetts, 1962
  • Russian, Defense Language Institute, Monterey CA, 1956


Dr. Dunn is a scholar, educator, and academic administrator. His most well-known publications is the new and expanded 5th edition of Public Policy Analysis (2012), which is the most widely cited book on the subject…. He is a master athlete who has competed in the Pennsylvania, Maryland, and National Senior Olympics.

Teaching and Research Areas

Public policy analysis, philosophy and sociology of applied science, research design and methods, quantitative and qualitative (mixed) methods, utilization of scientific and technical information by policymakers

Select Publications and Funded Research

Published books, articles, papers, and reports include works on comparative and international management, organization theory and behavior, the methodology of policy analysis and evaluation, critical theory and public administration, the uses of policy argumentation for critical thinking, research design and mixed-methods research, and policy papers written for agencies at the national, state, and local levels.

  • Public Policy Analysis: An Integrated Approach. 6th Ed. New York and London: Routledge Academic Publishers, 2018. Published September, 2017. More than 5,000 citations in scientific and professional journals. Translated into six languages including Chinese, Arabic, Spanish, Romanian, Russian, Ukrainian, Macedonian, and Indonesian.

  • “The Policymaking Process: Lasswell’s Unfinished Revolution.” In Hoppe and Colebatch (eds.), Handbook of Public Policy Analysis (New York: Edward Elgar, 2017, in press).

  •  “Harold D. Lasswell and the Policy Sciences,” Oxford Research Encyclopedia of Politics, Ed. B. Guy Peters. London and New York: Oxford University Press, 2017, in press.

  • “The Normative and Analytical Structure of Wicked Policy Problems.” Oxford Research Encyclopedia of Politics, Ed. B. Guy Peters. London and New York: Oxford University Press, forthcoming 2018.

  • Systematic Review of Program Evaluations of Civic Education and Political Participation. Counterpart International for Democracy, Human Rights, and Governance Section, U.S. Agency for International Development, Washington, DC, 2015.

  •  Public Policy Analysis. 5th Ed. New York: Pearson, 2012.

  • “Civic Policy Analysis: Taking the Road Less Traveled.” In A. Colombo (ed.), Design for Eupolis Lombardia.  Milan, Italy: Institute for Research, Statistics, and Training, 2014.

  • M. Hisschemoller, E. Cuppen, R. Leemans, W.N. Dunn, PRObing: A Method to Facilitate the Interactive Linking of Expert Knowledge to Stakeholder Assessment.  Wageningen University, Narcis, 2014.

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  • “Using the Method of Context Validation to Mitigate Type III Errors in Policy Analysis,” in M. Hisschemoller, J. Ravetz, R. Hoppe, W.N. Dunn, Eds.  Knowledge, Power, and Participation in Environmental Policy Analysis. New Brunswick, NJ: Transaction books, 2002.

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  • “Pragmatic Eliminative Induction: Proximal Range and Context Validation in Applied Social Experimentation.”  Philosophica 60, 2 (1997). Special issue honoring Donald T. Campbell

  • “Probing the Boundaries of Ignorance in Policy Analysis,” American Behavioral Scientist 40, 3 (January 1997): 277-298.

  • "Problem-Centered Intervention Research: Methods of the Second Type," in Jack Rothman and Edwin J. Thomas (eds.), Intervention Research: Design and Development for Human Service (New York: The Haworth Press, 1993).

  • Low-Income Energy Assistance: Policy Options for Pennsylvania (lead author with student team).  Policy paper prepared for the Legislative Office for Research Liaison, Pennsylvania House of Representatives, January 1989.

  • "Institutionalizing Science Impact Assessment Indicators into Public Policy" (first author with Andrea Hegedus and Burkart Holzner) in R. Bartlett (ed.) Public Policy Through Impact Assessment (Westport, Connecticut:  Greenwood Press, 1989).

  • "Science Impact Assessment and Public Policy" (first author with Andrea Hegedus and Burkart Holzner), Policy Studies Review 8, 2 (Fall 1988): 232-240.

  • Tax Reform: Some Strategies for Pennsylvania (co-author with Maureen McClure and student team).  Policy paper prepared for Legislative Office for Research Liaison, Pennsylvania House of Representatives, February 1988.

  • "Knowledge in Society:  Anatomy of an Emergent Field" (first author with Burkart Holzner), Knowledge in Society 1, 1 (Spring 1988): 3-26.

  • "The Architecture of Knowledge Systems: Toward Policy-Relevant Science Impact Indicators" (first author with Burkhart Holzner), Science Communication 9, 2 (December, 1987): 205-232.

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  • "The Policy Grid: A Cognitive Methodology for Assessing Policy Dynamics," (first author with Anthony Cahill, Mary Jo Dukes, and Ari Ginsberg) in William N. Dunn (ed.), Policy Analysis: Perspectives, Concepts, and Methods (Greenwich, Connecticut:  JAI Press, 1986): 355-375.

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  • "Knowledge Acquisition for Policy Making: The Impact of Conceptual Models" (co-author with Georgine Scarpino and Ian Mitroff), Knowledge: Creation, Diffusion, Utilization 4, 3 (1983): 335-356.

  • "Reforms as Arguments," Knowledge: Creation, Diffusion, Utilization 3, 3 (1982): 293-326.  Also selected for inclusion in E. House (ed.), Evaluation Studies' Review Annual, 1982 (Beverly Hills: Sage Publications).

  •  "The Two-Communities Metaphor and Models of Knowledge Use: An Exploratory Case Survey," Knowledge: Creation, Diffusion, Utilization 3, 3 (1982): 293-326.

  • "Planned Organizational Change: Toward Grounded Theory" (with Frederick Swierczek), The Journal of Applied Behavioral Science 13,2 (1977).

Selected Research Support ($3.1 million in contract and grant awards, 1982-2007)

  • Principal Investigator and Director, Project to Establish a Graduate Center for Public Policy and 
    Management in the Republic of Macedonia, 2002-2007. $2.5 million awarded by the Bureau 
    Educational and Cultural Affairs, U.S. Department of State, the U.S. Agency for International 
    Development, World Learning, the Government of Macedonia, and local businesses.

  • Project Director, "Impact of Military Spending On Employment and Human Services in Pittsburgh."  
    Contract to prepare annual reports under the Home Rule Charter. Awarded by the City of 
    Pittsburgh, 1984-1989. $20,000 annually.

  • Co-Principal Investigator (with Burkart Holzner), "Impacts of Science on American Society." Grant 
    awarded by the National Science Foundation, Science Resources Studies Division, October, 1985-
    December, 1987. Grant of $80,000.

  • Principal Investigator and Project Director, "Development of Policy Research Practica with the 
    Pennsylvania General Assembly," January 1983-December 1986.  Grant of $75,000 awarded by the  EXXON Education Foundation.

  • Principal Investigator, "Methodological Research on Knowledge Use and School Improvement," January, 1981-August, 1982.  Grant of $120,000 awarded by the National Institute of Education, Research and Educational Practices Unit, U.S. Department of Education.

Consultancies, Public Service, and Awards/Honors

  • Chancellor’s Spotlight Award, September, 2017.

  • University of Pittsburgh Provost’s Award for Excellence in Mentoring, April 2017.

  • Honorary Member, NISPAcee, Conferred January 2017. Honorary members are recipients of the Brunovska Award for Teaching Excellence in Public Administration and NISPAcee past presidents and executive directors.

  • Elected Fellow, National Academy of Public Administration, March 2014.

  • Alisa Brunovska Award for Teaching Excellence in Public Administration, Network of Institutes and Schools of Public Administration in Central and Eastern Europe (NISPAcee), Bratislava 2007.

  • Senior All American (Discus and Shot Put), Senior Olympics and National Senior Games, Stanford, Palo Alto, August, 2009.  

  • Academic Honors Awards, Chancellor’s Honors Convocations, 2017, 2015, 2007, 2000, 1998,   
     1994,1987,1985, 1977.

  • Inductee, Claremont Graduate School Hall of Fame, April, 2000.  One inductee selected  each year since 1928. 

  • 1994 Distinguished Alumnus Award, Claremont Graduate School, 1994

  • Aaron Wildavsky Award for the best book published in 1992 (Advances in Policy Studies Since 1950), Policy Studies Organization, September, 1993.

  • Jeffrey Pressman Award for the best article published in 1988 in the Policy Studies Review, Policy Studies Organization, September, 1989.

  • President, Policy Studies Organization, 1987-1988; Vice-President and President-Elect, 1986-1987.

  • Donald T. Campbell Award for Outstanding Methodological Innovation in Policy Studies, Policy Studies Organization, September, 1987.

  • Resolution of Commendation for Distinguished Service to the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania, Pennsylvania House of Representatives, September, 1983.

  • The Douglas McGregor Memorial Award, Best Annual Contribution to the Study of Values, Management, and Planned Social Change, National Training Laboratories Institute and Journal of Applied Behavioral Science, April, 1977.

Courses Taught

  • Public Policy Analysis

  • Program Evaluation

  • Advanced Methods of Intelligence Analysis

  • Research Design for Quantitative and Mixed-Methods Research

  • Methodology and Epistemology of the Policy Sciences

Other Faculty and Academic Administration Positions

  • Founder and Director, Center for Public Policy and Management, University of Pittsburgh in Macedonia
  • Visiting Professor, Center for International Development, University of Bologna
  • President, Policy Studies Organization
  • Visiting Research Professor, University of Leiden, The Netherlands
  • Distinguished Visiting Professor, School of Public Administration, University of Southern California
  • President, American Chamber of Commerce in Macedonia
  • Peace Corp Volunteer, Senegal


Graduate School of Public and International Affairs
3601 Wesley W. Posvar Hall, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania 15260